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Our Craftlander line of products are only sold through established dealers.
Please call 1-888-NUCRAFT (1-888-682-7238) or send us an email to obtain the name of the dealer near you. eMail:


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Craftlander Products



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The "Craftlander" name was applied to our marine line of products in the year 2000. Prior to that we simply referred to them as "NuCraft" Boat Hoists and Docks.

We offer (3) types of canopy frames:
Standard Canopy on the left and near right
High Top Canopy shown below

To view the canopy frame information page, click on photo above


Vinyl Covered Aluminum Bunks

This style bunk replaced the carpeted bunks on all hoists from the 2,500lb up to the largest available. This style became a standard on hoists made after 2010. Carpeted is still available upon request.


Hydraulic Hoist available in 4,000 & 6,000 lb capacity


Nylon Bolt Head Protectors
(Model MH-42BL25 Shown)
Standard with Pontoon Hoists built after 08/09


V80120-14 with 'block and tackle' lifting method and 16:1 winch


V60120 Changed in 2013 to have 'block and tackle' lifting method
and 11:1 winch


V25108 Changed in 2013
Diagonal Support Tubes replaced U-style tube

Wheel Roll In Dock
16' Assembly shown with (2) posts

16' Assembly shown with 8' extension

Wheel Roll In Dock is available in White, Gray or Tan Vinyl
Also available in Cedar

For pricing and options, please call your local dealer

Industrial Products

NuCraft Metal Products is a family owned business. Three of the family members have over 100 years combined experience in metal fabrication.


Custom made ramp and stairs for Santa's House

2010 Christmas in the Village

Roscommon, MI



Roll Conveyor

2-Water jacketed augers with housing


Stairway detailed and fabricated


Plasma cut parts









Galvanized steel sub-station. Detailed and fabricated.

Heavy 18" Pipe fabrication


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